When the Tarot Trumps All

My man! Its been a tough road for me to learn the tarot, still on the path and still learning every day or at least getting the motivation to continue with the tarot and learning the way. I meet Jodo when seeing his famous film HOLY MOUNTIAN. First time seeing that it's like my skull opened wide up and push me forward about 10 years intuitively and then straight back to the current moment I was in. If that makes sense great if not well read his books and maybe you will have a little more understanding of the magic that lies in his world and understanding of it. That said I thought this article was a great introduction to the man himself and his magical world of the Tarot that he has created, and a safe world at that. Jodo reads the Tarot unlike many others and he has motivated me to stay in love & light when reading the tarot myself. Hope this finds you well and you enjoy this and Jodos amazing personality. LINK BELOW